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Microsoft Word Training

Please choose a level:

Level One
Level Two
Level Three


Level One

Word basics

  • Introduction to Word
  • The basics of entering text
  • The File, Save As command
  • Opening and editing a document
  • Saving a document

Navigating in a document

  • Scrolling in a document
  • Searching in a document

Additional editing techniques

  • Using the AutoCorrect feature
  • Techniques for selecting text
  • Moving and copying text

Character and paragraph formatting

  • Basic character formatting techniques
  • Advanced character formatting techniques
  • Paragraph formatting
  • Working with indents, numbered lists, and bulleted lists
  • Line breaks and line spacing

Introduction to tabs and tables

  • Tabs
  • Creating a table
  • Enhancing a table

Controlling page appearance

  • Headers and footers
  • Margins
  • Page breaks

Tools and printing

  • Using proofing tools
  • Printing a document
  • Envelopes and labels

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Level Two


  • Tables
  • Drawing a table
  • Performing calculations in tables
  • Creating charts
  • Importing worksheets and data

Introduction to styles

  • Applying styles
  • Creating styles
  • Redefining and deleting styles
  • Using styles to create an outline

Introduction to templates

  • Using templates
  • Using a fax template
  • Examining the Normal template

Introduction to merging

  • Creating data
  • Completing main documents
  • Merging data with the main document
  • Managing merges
  • Creating catalogs

Introduction to macros

  • Creating and assigning macros
  • Editing and testing macros
  • Deleting a macro

Newspaper columns

  • Formatting text into newspaper columns
  • Using graphics
  • Sections
  • Sorting

Internet basics

  • What is the Internet?
  • Understanding the World Wide Web
  • Word Internet features


  • Customizing the workspace

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Level Three

Advanced styles

  • Using the AutoFormat feature
  • Linking styles
  • Managing styles

Creating templates and forms

  • Examining templates
  • Creating and enhancing a template
  • Creating a form

Using graphic effects

  • Drawing in a document
  • Working with clip art and graphic effects
  • Using WordArt

Working with large documents

  • Creating a master document
  • Generating an index
  • Preparing to print

Document layout

  • Using sections to control layout
  • Formatting a document for binding
  • Creating footnotes and endnotes
  • Using bookmarks
  • Creating cross-references

Sharing documents

  • Routing a document
  • Using highlights and comments
  • Creating, comparing, and merging multiple versions of documents

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