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Microsoft PowerPoint
Level 1 | Level 2

Level One
Introduction to PowerPoint 

Starting PowerPoint and opening a presentation
Orientation to the PowerPoint presentation screen
Orientation to views
Beginning a presentation
Creating a title and bullet slide in Slide view
Creating a slide in Outline view
Editing slides
Drawing tools

Working with drawing tools
Working with text and drawn objects
Enhancing drawn objects

Clip art and WordArt

Using clip art
Using WordArt

Organization charts and Microsoft Graph
Creating an organization chart
Organization-chart options
Orientation to Microsoft Graph
Editing a column chart
Templates and the Slide Master
Selecting and applying a template
Changing text and bullets in the Slide Master
Removing Slide Master objects and adding a footer
Slide shows, output, and presentation options
Slide show options
Adding transitions and animation to a slide show
Running a manual and an automatic slide show
Working with speaker notes
Printing a presentation
Level Two
Working with templates
Working with presentations
Creating your own template
Working with fonts

Working with graphic objects
Working with clip art
Using AutoCorrect and the Style Checker
Importing and embedding objects
Creating a table
Enhancing the table
Editing the table
Importing and embedding charts
Advanced drawing techniques
Aligning and rotating flow-chart objects
Enhancing flow-chart objects
Additional PowerPoint features
Customizing PowerPoint toolbars
Other customization options
Working with the Internet and hyperlinks
Examining animation and multimedia
Working with animation
Working with meeting notes
Using the Meeting Minder
Sending slides to Word

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