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Microsoft Excel Training

Please choose a level:

Level One
Level Two
Level Three


Level One

Excel basics

  • The paper spreadsheet
  • The Excel program
  • The workbook environment

Entering data and navigating in a worksheet

  • Entering and correcting data
  • Saving a file
  • Using formulas
  • Opening a second file
  • Navigation and movement techniques

Modifying a workbook

  • Working with ranges
  • Working with functions
  • Editing cell contents

Moving and copying data

  • Inserting rows and ranges
  • Moving data
  • Copying data
  • Absolute references
  • Using the Fill Series feature

Formatting a worksheet

  • Formatting a worksheet
  • Number formats and text alignment
  • Copying and pasting formats
  • Special and custom formatting

Printing a worksheet

  • Checking spelling
  • Using the Print Preview command
  • Printing a large worksheet
  • Additional print options

Introduction to the workbook environment

  • Using a multiple-sheet workbook
  • Creating a chart
  • Outlining
  • Spreadsheet Solutions

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Level Two

Creating charts

  • Creating a chart sheet
  • Creating an embedded chart
  • Comparing chart sheets with embedded charts

Modifying charts

  • Chart types
  • Modifying embedded charts
  • Adding and deleting chart items
  • Moving and sizing chart items

Formatting a chart

  • Formatting chart text
  • Formatting numbers
  • Formatting the chart
  • Printing a chart sheet

Using graphic objects

  • Adding graphic objects
  • Formatting graphic objects
  • Using graphic objects to enhance worksheets and charts

Sorting data

  • Single-level sorting
  • Multiple-level sorting
  • Sorting options
  • Design considerations

Filtering data

  • Filtering a list
  • Custom criteria
  • Multiple-condition criteria
  • Managing a filtered list

Appendix A: Querying data

  • Database functions
  • External databases and queries
  • Excel 97 and the Internet

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Level Three

Customizing the work area

  • Working with existing toolbars
  • Creating a toolbar
  • Creating and using styles
  • Creating templates

Advanced formula construction

  • Nested functions
  • The IF function
  • The VLOOKUP function
  • Error handling and the Auditing features

Pivot tables

  • Creating pivot tables
  • Working with pivot tables
  • Viewing pivot tables at different levels

Multiple file linking

  • Working with workbooks
  • Linking individual cells
  • Workbooks versus links and workspaces

Consolidating data and using analysis tools

  • Consolidating worksheets
  • Using the Goal Seek and Solver utilities
  • Creating a scenario by using Scenario Manager

Protect and display options

  • Using comments
  • Protecting the worksheet
  • Hiding information
  • Custom views

Introduction to macros

  • Running a macro
  • Recording a macro
  • Viewing and editing VBA code

Importing and exporting data

  • Importing and exporting data

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